请问下,BQ40Z50-R2如何进行CC offset和Board offset手动校准?开启自动校准后,发现有部分电池仍然存在1-2mA的漏电流(确认过电流不是实际存在的)以往通过校准Board offset可以解决这个问题,但是BQ40Z50-R2校准界面并没有该功能窗口(包括测试版本的BQstudio也没有)。

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  • Typically users will use the same "CC Gain" and "CC Offset" values if they find that a sample (typically 20 boards) has similar calibration values. If the variation is large, then they may choose to calibrate all the boards individually. These variations are typically due to layout of the sense resistor traces, filter cap grounding, or variable ground trace impedance. Also, the [OFFSET_TAKEN] in "CC Auto Config" should be cleared (set to 0) and "CC Auto Offset" should be set to 0 before exporting the gg or srec to be programmed to other boards, since this value will be specific to each device and if [AUTO_CAL_EN] and [AUTO_NEST_ON] are set, the gauge will measure the "CC Auto Offset" before the device enters sleep mode.