Haptic motor driver DRV2605

Hello, Engineer Ti and engineers from all walks of life!

I encountered some problems when using DRV2605. I would like to consult you in particular. I will upload my three questions here as a documentI look forward to your answers. Thank you very much.

The problem is as follows:

1.Is the output of DRV2605 sinusoidal or square? Is there a selection mechanism or how to set it up?    

2.Waveform 1 and 3 in LRA Library of ROM. The values of OD_Clamp and Rate_Voltage registers are unchanged. I observed on the oscilloscope that the voltage amplitudes of the two waveforms are similar, but the waveform density of 1 is higher than that of 3. But the data sheet says that 100% is higher than 30% of the voltage. What is the reason for this?    

3.  In the case of LRA mode and internal trigger, I2C communication. Can the output voltage amplitude be modified by OD_Clamp and Rate_Voltage registers when the waveform is output?


My question.docx