when PCLK changed, i2c communication failed for a while, DS90UB913A operation with pclk from isp as reference clock


Our hardware is as follows:

cpu -> ds90ub914 -> ds90ub913 -> isp -> camera sensor

And we use the isp's pclk as the reference clock for ds90ub913.

1、When the system power up, isp dont output pclk signal. And we can config 914, 913, and communicate with isp by i2c channel.

2、We config isp chip by i2c, and when the isp output pclk signal, the i2c communication failed for about 500 ms, and after that we can control isp chip by i2c again.

3、When we changed the frequency of the pclk, the i2c communication failed for about 500ms, and it could recover the i2c communication.

So, we can use a delay to avoid the issue, but it will cost more time in order to finish  the initialization of the isp module.

In the scenario, ds90ub913 operation with pclk as the reference clock, when the pclk changed, what will happen to the ds90ub913? And what should i do to solve the issue?

Thanks for your inputs.