USB/PD controller(TPS65987 ) can connect charger and gauge base on I2C to control its GPIO output?

Our customer want to add USB Type-C PD Power Bank in DLP which use MTK platform ,so we promote “ USB Type-C™ PD Power Bank Reference Design TIDA-01627 (ACTIVE)” which use TPS65987 USB/PD controller. Our customer want to power on or shutdown system base on Vin,Vbat and State of Charge (SOC),for example,system can power on when Vin >15V&Iin>3A,Vbat>7.5V or shutdown when SOC<20%,but they did not want to use MTK CPU to do it because its power consumption so they want to use USB/PD controller to connect charger and gauge to know charge information to control GPIO to achieve it,so it can be achieve ? Or have others good ideas for it?

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