About the selection of Bootstrap capacitor of LMR16010PDDAR

We are using a buck chip LMR16010PDDAR from TI. Now we are selecting the second source of Bootstrap capacitor, murata part(GRM188R71H104KA93D) is current used part, 0603B104K500CT from WALSIN, VJ0603Y104KXACW1BC from VISHAY, C0603X7R500-104KNP from Venkel, CMC-050/104KX0603TF from Tecate Group, NMC0603X7R104K50TRPF from NIC, C0603C104K5RACTU from KEMET are options.

Is there any special requirement for the capacitor selection? I only capture the requirement info. as X5R or X7R, 0.1uF, >=16V. Could you help to review, thanks for your help.

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