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目前我司產品 ED004 PoE AMP 的PoE IC是使用TPS2378DDAR, 客戶測試時遇到和 PSE Switch (Cisco Catalyst Series PoE+ switch) 無法正確辨識的問題, 應該是 PoE+ (30W) 卻被辨識為 PoE (15W) , 客戶告知該 PoE (PD) 需要支援 LLDP 才能和 “Cisco Catalyst Series PoE+ switch” 正常運作得到正確的功率需求 (客戶問題和 Switch 訊息貼圖如下)

請問(1):  “TPS2378 ” 是否支援 LLDP? (規格書似乎查無此訊息)

請問(2): 應該是 PoE+ (30W) 卻被辨識為 PoE (15W) , 請問遇到此問題應該要如何確認問題和排除問題?

還請您幫忙 . 感謝.

ED004 when using a Cisco Catalyst Series PoE+ switch, the switch did not recognize the amp as a PoE+ device so the switch port would only deliver 15W. You can see on the attached picture the device does recognize the amp as a Class 4 device but it needed command to the switch to activate the PoE+ portion. This device will need to implement LLDP for POE+ power management. 


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