EVMK2H Rev40 uboot tftp

MCSDK 3.x User Guide

Loading and Running Linux Kernel using tftp with NFS file system

>setenv serverip
>setenv tftp_root release
>setenv nfs_root export/release
>setenv boot net


设置好bootfile :    setenv  bootfile   uImage,  当boot后,总是出现错误:

K2HK EVM # boot
BOOTP broadcast 1
BOOTP broadcast 2
*** Unhandled DHCP Option in OFFER/ACK: 52
*** Unhandled DHCP Option in OFFER/ACK: 52
DHCP client bound to address
Using K2HK_EMAC device
TFTP from server; our IP address is
Filename '�'.
Load address: 0x87000000

这时再查看bootfile,  printenv bootfile: