ccs5.5,仿真器是xds560v2,测试"Test Connection",结果如下:是仿真器驱动的原因吗?


Execute the command:

%ccs_base%/common/uscif/dbgjtag.exe -f %boarddatafile% -rv -o -F inform,logfile=yes -S pathlength -S integrity


-----[Print the board config pathname(s)]------------------------------------


-----[Print the reset-command software log-file]-----------------------------

This utility has selected a 560/2xx-class product.
This utility will load the program 'bh560v2u.out'.
E_RPCENV_IO_ERROR(-6) No connection: emulator was not found
Download failed for file C:\ti\ccsv5\ccs_base\common\uscif\xds560v2.out

An error occurred while soft opening the controller.

-----[An error has occurred and this utility has aborted]--------------------

This error is generated by TI's USCIF driver or utilities.

The value is '-250' (0xffffff06).
The title is 'SC_ERR_ECOM_EMUNAME'.

The explanation is:
An attempt to access the named emulator via USCIF ECOM has failed.