28337D ADC采样模式和速率

请问哪位知道,TI 28337D或者类似DSP 不同module 和不同channel是不是并行采样?采样速率是不是相互独立?例如,28337D的每个Module,每个channel都可以设置成5MSPS?且并行采样?

  • 不同module的采样速率是独立的,但同一module的所有channel的采样速率都是一样的;不同module的不同channel是可以并行采样的,但是同一module的channel是不可以并行采样的
  • 另外建议您参考下TRM内的详细说明


    Chapter 11 Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)

    Each ADC module consists of a single sample-and-hold (s/h) circuit. The ADC module is designed to be duplicated multiple times on the same chip, allowing simultaneous sampling or independent operation of multiple ADCs

    Each ADC has the following features:
    • Selectable resolution of 12 bits or 16 bits
    • Ratiometric external reference set by VREFHI and VREFLO pins
    • Differential signal conversions (16-bit mode only)
    • Single-ended signal conversions (12-bit mode only)
    • Input multiplexer with up to 16 channels (single-ended) or 8 channels (differential)
    • 16 configurable SOCs
    • 16 individually addressable result registers
    • Multiple trigger sources
    – S/W - software immediate start
    – All ePWMs - ADCSOC A or B
    – GPIO XINT2
    – CPU Timers 0/1/2 (from each C28x core present)
    – ADCINT1/2
    • Four flexible PIE interrupts
    • Burst mode
    • Four post-processing blocks, each with:
    – Saturating offset calibration
    – Error from setpoint calculation
    – High, low, and zero-crossing compare, with interrupt and ePWM trip capability
    – Trigger-to-sample delay capture

    NOTE: Not every channel may be pinned out from all ADCs. Check the datasheet for your device to determine which channels are available.

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