MSP430FR5994 编译问题 Warning[Pe161]:unrecognized #pragma

您好,我下载了SLAA698LEA的软件包,用IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430 IDE 7.10.1 编译其中的一个工程“benchmark_q15-cfft_fixed_512,出现“Warning[Pe161]:unrecognized #pragma”,应该指的是“#pragma PERSISTENT(inputVector)

int32_t inputVector[SAMPLES] = {

还出现 Error[e16]: Segment DATA20_Z (size: 0x808 align: 0xb) is too long for segment definition. At least 0x408 more bytes needed. The problem occurred while processing the segment placement command "-Z(DATA)DATA20_I,DATA20_Z,DATA20_N", where at the moment of placement the available memory ranges were "CODE:2400-2bff"

   Reserved ranges relevant to this placement:

   1c00-2bff            DATA20_I


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