How to program OTP and set TPS6508640?

How to program OTP and set TPS6508640?


a customer is using TPS6508640 as the first time. they have a few questions:

1. how to set the step size of the buck rails when program the OTP?

2. How to set the enable of the VTT LDO?  the description in OTP GENERATOR form (TPS65086100 OTP Generator V2p5 for Xilinx Zynq Ultrscale+ ZU6-ZU15 (TPS6508640 settings).xlsx) says it is controled CTL3/6 &GPO2:

But in the application note (, the description is different, GPO3_PG is also being used to control the VTT LDO:

so it is confusing.

3. Buck6 may output a fixed 1.2V when "CTL2&CTL3" or "CTL2&CTL6" options be selected asthe SLP_VID Selection Pin in the Sequencing tab, but please help to confirm how to set the fixed output? what is the output voltage when CTL2=0 and when CTL=1?

4. Is the delay time of power rails fall control relative to CTL PINs? For example, when we plan to shut down BUCK1, the falling delay is set to 2ms, then BUCK1 output starts to fall down 2ms later after CTL signal turned to low? 

5. where could we get "TPS650861-Script-[revision].js" file, it sems to be needed when programming.