CC2640R2F AOA 信道频率



   1、每次传输CTE数据包的信道都是不同的 ,对吗?




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    The Constant Tone Extension is only enabled when the CP bit in the Data Physical PDU header is set. The detail of the Constant Tone Extension is then specified by the CTEInfo field in the in the Data Physical PDU.


    * @brief This function enables the CTE capture in the rf core
    * @param cteTime - CTETime parameter defined in spec
    * @param cteScanOvs - used to enable CTE capturing and set the
    * sampling rate in the IQ buffer
    * @param cteOffset - number of microseconds from the beginning
    * of the tone until the sampling starts
    * @return None
    void AOA_cteCapEnable(uint8_t cteTime, uint8_t cteScanOvs, uint8_t cteOffset);



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