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tlv320aic3101 pga旁路 正弦被削顶

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你好! 我在用tlv320aic3101这款芯片,想通过旁路直接把输入 MIC2R/LINE2R连接到差分输出HPLOUT及HPLCOM,给芯片1k的正弦波,500mv,但是HPLCOM输出的信号频率是1k的,但是波形(附件一)不对,如果把正弦波幅度降到240,则输出是一个完整的正弦波;HPLOUT的输出有一个2.v的偏置,不波形正弦波的下半部分的一部分。请问我的思路是否正确,pga因该怎么配置?


aic3x_write(codec, 0x08, 0xc0);//master
 aic3x_write(codec, 0x12, 0xf0); //18 right adc gain control   MIC2R/LINE2R is connected to right-ADC PGA.
 aic3x_write(codec, 0x16, 0x7c);//LINE1R is not connected to the right-ADC PGA.  Right-ADC channel is powered up.
 aic3x_write(codec, 0x10, 0x00);//The right ADC PGA is not muted.  gain=0db
 aic3x_write(codec, 0x18, 0x78);//LINE1L is not connected to the right-ADC PGA.

 //aic3x_write(codec, 91, 0x80); //91
 aic3x_write(codec, 0x38, 0x80); //56PGA_R is routed to HPLCOM.
 aic3x_write(codec, 0x33, 0x09);//HPLOUT is not muted.   HPLOUT is fully powered up.
 aic3x_write(codec, 0x31, 0x80); //49
 aic3x_write(codec, 0x3a, 0x09); //58 hplcom enalbe


  • Hi Mario:

     I answer your question as following:


    A1: From the attached picture, The prob is AC coupling, please set it to DC coupling to check it again.


    A2: The PGA setting from the attached code works fine at our EVM, please check if there is any problem in the SCH. Also you can try following command to test it again:

    w 0x30 0x07 0x80 // SW reset

    w 0x30 0x12 0xF0 // MIC2R/LINE2R is connected to PGA_R.

    w 0x30 0x10 0x00 // Set PGA_R gain to 0dB

    w 0x30 0x31 0x80 // PGA_R is routed to HPLOUT

    w 0x30 0x33 0x0D //power on HPLOUT and set gain to 0dB

    w 0x30 0x25 0x00 // HPLCOM is configured as differential of HPLOUT