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Hi all,

  I have a problem about register REG LRS/RLS  Left/right line simultaneous volume/mute update  for Left/right line input channel volume control (Address: 0000000   Address: 00000001).

 1、 First,I choose the LRS bit, then i chnage the L VOL D4 D3 D2 D1 D0 from 10111 to 10001,and i find that only left channel volume is changed,however,right channel volume don't change.Normal,i think that right channel volume should be also changed.please see following picture,


2、I choose the RLS bit, then i chnage the  R VOL D4 D3 D2 D1 D0 from 10111 to 10001,and i find that left channel volume and right channel volume is changed simultaneously..please see following picture,

  Why is there such a difference between the LRS and RLS ?

  Looking forward to your reply.



  • Hi,
    At present, there is no customer response to this phenomenon, so please check whether your operation is correct.

    According to the description of 4.1.4 Registers Dialog in TLV320AIC23EVM User’s Guide, changes made on this dialog take effect only on OK or Apply. Changes made to the AIC23 register set affecting the controls on the main dialog are reflected in the main dialog control state when the Registers dialog is closed. That is, the main dialog control state is updated to match the register state when the Registers dialog is closed.

    Note that you do not have complete control over the LR/RLINBOTH and the LR/RLHPBOTH values, or over the L/RHPVOL values, once the Registers dialog has been closed. In order to function correctly, the main dialog must keep the BOTH values consistent with the current state of the main dialog controls; it cannot preserve the values established by the Registers dialog.

    I see that you have asked the same question in E2E. You can also wait for E2E engineers to verify this phenomenon.