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我购买了NIRScan Nano,想自己在linux下开发软件,请问官网软件是否可以在linux下编译运行?


  • DLP NANOScan使用Tiva TM4C1297.



    B.1 Tiva Tools Installation
    To compile the DLP NIRscan Nano Tiva code, the following tools and software packages are required:
    • Code Composer Studio (CCS) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) version 6.0.1
    • TI-RTOS version
    • TI ARM Compiler version 5.2.4
    B.1.1 Code Composer Studio Installation
    To install, follow these steps:
    1. Download the latest Windows or Linux version of the CCS IDE for TM4x ARM MCU.
    2. Execute the download file: c_setup_win32.exe
    3. Accept the License Agreement. Click Next.
    4. Select the installation location and click Next. C:\ti is the default installation location.
    5. If you are running anti-virus software, you will be warned that it is recommended to temporarily disable
    real-time scanning before proceeding with installation.
    6. The installer will prompt for processor support. Ensure that under 32-bit ARM MCUs, Tiva C Series
    Support and TI ARM Compiler are checked. Click Next.
    7. Select the appropriate Debug Probes or Emulators. Tiva C Series are supported by XDS100, XDS200,
    and XDS560 Debug Probes from TI, Spectrum Digital or Blackhawk.
    • For more information on supported Debug Probes, visit the Tiva Tools & Software page.
    • For emulation information visit the TI Emulation Wiki.
    • For more information on JTAG connectors and adapters visit the XDS Target Connection Guide.
    8. If prompted for apps, there is no need to select any apps.
    9. After the installation is complete, update CCS by following the steps in Section B.1.2.
    B.1.2 Updating TI-RTOS
    The current Tiva Firmware build uses TI-RTOS for TivaC
    NOTE: Do not use TI-RTOS for TivaC greater than since the TI-RTOS drivers are
    If you want to install a newer version of TI-RTOS, update TI-RTOS with the following steps after launching
    Code Composer Studio:
    1. Select CCS APP Center from the View Menu.
    2. Type "Tiva" in the search box.
    3. Update TI-RTOS for TivaC, if offered to update it. To update it, press the select button beneath the TI