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小弟这里请教各位:28035 SPI 3-wire master mode transmit 无效数据的清楚问题

TMS320x2802x, 2803x Piccolo Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)   Reference Guide

Literature Number: SPRUG71B
February 2009–Revised October 2009······················································datasheet 版本

Page 23

In 3-wire master mode, ***, SPISTEx, and SPISIMOx pins must be configured as SPI pins
(SPISOMIx pin can be configured as non-SPI pin). When the master transmits, it receives the data it
transmits (because SPISIMOx and SPISOMIx are connected internally in 3-wire mode). Therefore, the
junk data received must be cleared from the receive buffer every time data is transmitted.

----这里自发自收。因此每次发送时,必须清除从接收缓存器接收的无效数据。 这里只是发送,和接收缓存器的数据有什么关系


Example 4. 3-Wire Master Mode Transmit

Uint16 data;
Uint16 dummy;
SpiaRegs.***.bit.TALK = 1;                        // Enable Transmit path
SpiaRegs.SPITXBUF = data;                            // Master transmits data
while(SpiaRegs.SPISTS.bit.INT_FLAG !=1) {} // Waits until data rx’d
dummy = SpiaRegs.SPIRXBUF;                      // Clears junk data from itself   ·······请问这里说的清除的无效数据 同上处红字,可以详细说讲解?
                                                                          // bc it rx’d same data tx’d

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Serial Peripherral Interface.pdf
  • 文档的上面有说,因为发送和接收内部连接,所以SPITXBUF发送的数据会返回到SPIRXBUF接收中(也就是说TX data=RX data),所以要读一次清除该无效数据。


  •       非常感谢,我又看了SPI Master/Slave Connection。这里比如主机发送一个命令,从机本应该给出相应的应答或者数据,但是由于发送和接收内部连接,返回的还是主机发送的命令,这时从SPIRXBUF无效的命令数据,是这样吗?

  • 并没能很清楚的理解你的问题。