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IIC_Write(0x00, 0x00);//Page 0
IIC_Write(0x01, 0x01);//S/W Reset to initialize all registers
IIC_Write(0x12, 0x81);//Power up NADC divider with value 1
IIC_Write(0x13, 0x84);//Power up MADC divider with value 4
IIC_Write(0x14, 0x40);//Program OSR for ADC to 64
IIC_Write(0x3d, 0x07);//Select ADC PRB_R7

IIC_Write(0x00, 0x01);//Page 1
IIC_Write(0x01, 0x08);//Disable Internal Crude AVdd in presence of external AVdd supply or before powering up internal AVdd LDO
IIC_Write(0x02, 0x00);//Enable Master Analog Power Control
IIC_Write(0x0a, 0x40);//Set the input common mode to 0.75V
IIC_Write(0x3d, 0xff);//Select ADC PTM_R1
IIC_Write(0x47, 0x32);//Set MicPGA startup delay to 3.1ms
IIC_Write(0x7b, 0x01);//Set the REF charging time to 40ms
//IIC_Write(0x34, 0x80);//Route IN1L to LEFT_P with 20K input impedance
IIC_Write(0x34, 0x20);//Route IN2L to LEFT_P with 20K input impedance
IIC_Write(0x36, 0x80);//Route Common Mode to LEFT_M with impedance of 20K
//IIC_Write(0x37, 0x80);//Route IN1R to RIGHT_P with input impedance of 20K
IIC_Write(0x37, 0x20);//Route IN2R to RIGHT_P with input impedance of 20K
IIC_Write(0x39, 0x80);//Route Common Mode to RIGHT_M with impedance of 20K
IIC_Write(0x3b, 0x0c);//
IIC_Write(0x3c, 0x0c);//

IIC_Write(0x00, 0x00);//Page 0
IIC_Write(0x51, 0xc0);//Power up Left and Right ADC Channels
IIC_Write(0x52, 0x00);//Unmute Left and Right ADC Digital Volume Control.