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TDA4VM: TDA4VM ES1.0 dummy key board security boot linux failed

Part Number: TDA4VM

Hi experts:

I placed tiboot3.bin atf_optee.appimage  tifs.bin u-boot.img u-boot-spl.appimage and app ( there are signed by core-secdev-k3) on sd card . System boot failed  when power on,print log like this.

when atf_optee.appimage not signed,print log like this.

Calling Sciclient_procBootRequestProcessor, ProcId 0x20...
Loading BootImage

MMCBootImageLate: fp 0x 0xa088f0b8, fileName is 0:/atf_optee.appimage
Is app signed correctly??
App verification fails!! Boot Halted!!

So why atf_optee.appimage verify fail? Check the build log, build tools(core-sec-dev-k3) 、 pem files and signed flow is configured conrect 。

Could you please provided HS EVM board can used atf_optee.appimage and please sign HS atf_optee.appimage method with us.

Below is my signed command:

1):./x509CertificateGen.sh -b ~/atf_optee.appimage -o ~/atf_optee_sig.appimage.signed -c R5 -l 0x0
-k $(TISDK)/ti-processor-sdk-rtos-j721e-evm-07_02_00_06/pdk_jacinto_07_01_05_14/packages/ti/build/makerules/k3_dev_mpk.pem


2):x509CertificateGen.sh -b ~/atf_optee.appimage -o ~/atf_optee_sig.appimage.signed  -c
R5 -l 0x0 -k $(TISDK)/ti-processor-sdk-rtos-j721e-evm-07_02_00_06/pdk_jacinto_07_01_05_14/packages/ti/build/makerules/k3_dev_mpk.pem

Best Regards!


Below is my used atf_otpee.appimage file. You can change the txt to appimage try it at HS EVM board and you can get the same failure log like me. Thanks!