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求救:CC2650 Launchpad 板载XDS110的升级固件问题,ccs和SmartRF Studio 7升级固件都卡机

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求救:CC2650 Launchpad 板载XDS110的驱动问题,ccs一直提示报错,需要升级驱动

(1) 如下图所示,XDS110的驱动是安装好的。

(2)但是用CCS 6.2 点击debug后,就报错提示,如下图

(3) 点击“Update”后CCS死机,设备管理器的设备变成如下图所示。


(5) 急求高手帮忙,谢谢!

  • 装个CCS7吧,或者 最新的flashprogrammer2


    SmartRF Flash Programmer 2 can be used to program the flash memory in Texas Instruments ARM based low-power RF wireless MCUs over the debug and serial interfaces.

    SmartRF Flash Programmer can be used to program the flash memory in Texas Instruments 8051-based low-power RF wireless MCUs and for upgrading the firmware and bootloader on the SmartRF05 Evaluation Board, SmartRF Transceiver Evaluation Board (TrxEB) and the CC-Debugger.

    The SmartRF Flash Programmer and SmartRF Flash Programmer 2 both include a graphical user interface and a command line interface.

    • Programming of SW images on low-power RF wireless MCUs
    • Programming/updating firmware and bootloader on the Evaluation Boards' USB MCU
    • Append software image to existing software on device
    • Read out software image from device into binary, hex or ELF files (elf and bin for ARM-devices only)
    • Verify software image on device against file
    • Programming of flash lock bits
    • Read/Write MAC (IEEE EUI64/48) addresses
    • Read Information Page on device
    • Command Line Interface

    SmartRF Flash Programmer and SmartRF Flash Programmer 2 run on 32 and 64-bit versions of Microsoft® Windows 7 and Windows 8.

  • 或者smartstudio,这些软件也都能识别xds110,并提示升级固件

    SmartRF Studio


    Description & Features

    Technical Documents

    Support & Training

    Order Now
    Part Number Buy from Texas Instruments or Third Party Alert Me Status Current Version   Version Date  

    SmartRF Studio


    ACTIVE 2.6.0  09-MAR-2017 


    SmartRF™ Studio is a Windows application that can be used to evaluate and configure Low Power RF devices from Texas Instruments. The application will help designers of RF systems to easily evaluate the radio at an early stage in the design process. It is especially useful for generation of configuration register values and for practical testing and debugging of the RF system. SmartRF Studio can be used either as a standalone application or together with applicable evaluation boards or debug probes for the RF device.

    SmartRF™ Studio supports all the Low Power RF devices from TI. Note that you might need to use an older version of the tool to work with some of the older devices.

    SmartRF Studio 6

    • CC400, CC900
    • CC1000, CC1010, CC1020, CC1021, CC1050, CC1070
    • CC2400, CC2420

    SmartRF Studio 7

    • CC1100, CC1100E, CC1101, CC1150
    • CC110L, CC113L, CC115L
    • CC1120, CC1121, CC1125, CC1175
    • CC1200, CC1201
    • CC1110-CC1111
    • CC1310, CC1350
    • CC2500, CC2550
    • CC2510, CC2511
    • CC2430, CC2431
    • CC2520
    • CC2530, CC2531, CC2533
    • CC2538
    • CC2540, CC2541
    • CC2543, CC2544, CC2545
    • CC2650, CC2640, CC2640R2F, CC2630, CC2620
    • CC430 (all variants)

    • Link tests. Send and Receive packets between nodes.
    • Antenna and radiation tests. Set the radio in continuous wave TX and RX states.
    • A set of recommended/typical register settings for all devices.
    • Read and write individual RF registers.
    • Execute individual commands to control the radio.
    • Detailed information about the bit fields for each register or command.
    • Save/Load device configuration data from file.
    • Exports register settings and command arguments to a user definable format.
    • Exports radio configuration code (CC13xx, CC26xx).
    • Allows custom gpio configuration (CC13xx, CC26xx).
    • Communication with evaluation boards over USB via the debug probe or evaluation board.
    • Up to 32 evaluation boards are supported on a single computer.

    SmartRF Studio 6 runs on Microsoft® Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP (32 bit), Windows Vista (32 bit) and Windows 7 (32 bit). 

    SmartRF Studio 7 runs on 32 and 64-bit versions of Microsoft® Windows 7, 8 and 10.

    Installation Recommendations:

    • Download the ZIP file to your hard drive.
    • Unzip the file.
    • Read the readme.txt file for information about the release.
    • Run the set-up file and follow the instructions.

  • (1) 装了CCS V7,点击update后还是卡机

    (2)装了SmartRF Studio 7,也是update失败,只进行到50%

  • 楼主,小弟也遇到相同的问题,请问您解决了么?