I want to make a heart rate chest strap product. With the ADS1192 series, I have ads1192kit. The initial waveform is obtained, but the noise is too loud. I want to modify the filter code by upgrading the firmware. The software comes with the source program ' ADS1x9x_ECG_Recorder_FW_V1_12 '  can't be open with CCS_V8 (Ccstudio), with Eclipse can be opened but there are 610 errors and 8warnings. How do I modify the program or write it myself?
About development I should link tdo-tp21,tdi-tp23,tms-tp27,tck-tp28 to MSP-FET430UIF connections, and then communicate with the PC's CCS IAR. That is, I can directly control the MCU. or save the firmware you wrote as a ' ADS1x9x_ECG_Recorder_FW_V1_12 ' form and then write it to Ads1192kit with EVM.
We should use a few guides, just one channel. How does the other channel close(don't use RLD)?

我想做一款心率胸带产品。用到ADS1192系列,我有ADS1192kit。得到了初步波形,但是噪声太大。我想通过升级固件来修改滤波器代码。软件自带源程序’ADS1x9x_ECG_Recorder_FW_V1_12‘用CCS_v8(ccstudio)打不开,用eclipse可以打开但是有610 errors和8warnings。我该怎么修改程序或自己写。
关于开发我应该引出TDO-TP21,TDI-TP23,TMS-TP27,TCK-TP28和MSP-FET430UIF连接,再和PC的CCS IAR通信。也就是可以直接控制MCU么 。还是把自己写的固件保存为’ADS1x9x_ECG_Recorder_FW_V1_12‘形式再用EVM写入ADS1192kit。

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