LM Flash programmer 问题

LM Flash programmer1583是不是不支持tiva的网络下载应用程序呀?哪个版本支持呀?谢谢!

The Ethernet Interface is a network interface.  An Ethernet connection can be established directly from the PC to the Ethernet enabled Stellaris evaluation board or by connecting both the PC and the evaluation board to a LAN.

You can use the Ethernet Interface to program the internal flash of the Stellaris microcontroller. The utilities from the Flash Utilities tab and Other Utilities tab are not available when the Ethernet Interface is selected.

Note:  A properly configured boot loader needs to be programmed into the internal flash of the Stellaris microcontroller, or a device with a ROM-enabled boot loader must be selected, prior to programming with the Ethernet Interface. The Ethernet boot loader implements a BOOTP server and LM Flash Programmer implements a BOOTP client.  For more information about the boot loader, or to determine which devices support ROM boot loaders, visit Stellaris on TI at

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