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关于ccs v6安装问题

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你好,我最近在官方网站下载了ccs(v6.1.2.00015)的在线安装程序,并在一台电脑(系统是win7 32位)上安装成功,但同样使用这个安装软件在另一台电脑(系统是win xp)安装时报错,安装失败。请问是什么原因导致安装失败呢?

  • 请问安装时具体报什么错?

  • 这下面链接来看,

    要求 XP SP3, 你的是SP几?

    Operating System Requirements

    • Windows: XP SP3, Windows 7 (SP1 or later) and Windows 8.x is supported by all CCSv6 versions. Windows 10 is supported by CCS versions 6.1.3 and greater
    • Linux: details on the Linux distributions supported is available here
  • 感谢您的及时回复!我的系统是xp sp3的,具体错误提示请见附件。

    另外,我在官网下载ccs安装程序时,看到一段说明“ 默认情况下,当您安装 Code Composer Studio 时,将会启用一个免费许可证,它支持使用开发板及板载调试接口、XDS100 类调试探针、使用 TI 编译器时具有 16KB 代码大小限制的 MSP430 和使用 GCC 时没有限制的 MSP430。还为全功能评估许可证提供 90 天的延长期。”,通过这段说明,我是不是可以理解为:我安装的这款免费版ccs,全功能支持仅能使用90天,之后必须付费?目前我在使用TI公司的器件有TMS320F28335、TMS320c6713/6746,对于这几款器件,ccs的全功能的免费支持可以多久呢?


  • 关于license,请参考下面网页,也就是说全功能免费license都是90天,然后可以延长90天。

    Free Licenses

    We have a number of different free tools options available in CCS. 

    Free License (Free Limited License): This is the license CCSv6 automatically starts using upon installation. CCS can be used for free with many of our community boards, LaunchPads, DSKs and EVMs (Evaluation Module) kits.  You can download CCS and then select to use the free license for use with development boards. This CCS will only work with the onboard emulation on the board, XDS100 debug probes as well as the XDS560v2 mezzanine card and onboard XDS200 available in C6000 multi-core EVM bundles. You may use this version to create production code. This license will work with eZdsp kits. This also now includes a 16KB free code size limited license available for MSP430 users (32kB for MSP432 TI ARM compiler). With the code size limited license you can use all of the features of CCS, you can create production code but the object code size will be limited to 16KB (32kB for MSP432).

    Evaluation License: Instead of using the limited license listed above you have the option of using a 90 day evaluation license that does not have any of the above restrictions. i.e. no code size limit on MSP430 and no limitation on which debug probe is used. At the end of the 90 day period for Windows users the license can be extended for an additional 90 days. Once the license has expired you will not be able to use CCS and CCS will prompt you to provide a license file.