Job Title: Analog Design Engineer

Job ID:  11918BR

Location: Shanghai, China


Job Description

Responsible for the definition, design, layout, and characterization of high performance linear voltage regulators, switching voltage regulators, data converters, power drive and control, transceivers, active filters, switched capacitor design, and battery charging blocks utilizing BiCMOS technology which will be integrated into a larger ASIC driving true SoC applications.  Must have an understanding of IC fabrication processes and be able to design circuits that operate effectively within the process parameters.


Basic Qualifications

Products cover a wide range of circuit types allowing a large breadth of technical knowledge to be gained Designs must operate in a harsh environment, be cost effective and tailored specifically to our customer's application making creativity skills essential. Designs can range from very small (several hundred components) to the very large system on a chip (> 250K components). This wide size range can require the design to be an individual effort or a part of a design team.

The design engineer will need to team well both within the design team as well as within a cross functional team responsible for the full development and ramp to volume of the IC. Communication skills are extremely important both within TI and with TI's customers.

Preferred Qualifications & Skills
Analog IC design skills in areas such as Bandgaps, Amps, Comparators, A2D's, D2A's, Linear Voltage Regulators, Switching Voltage Regulators, Switched Capacitor, Active Filters, etc. Process and Device Physics knowledge are a strong plus. Software tools such as Cadence Analog Artist/Virtuoso/Silicon Ensemble, Synopsys, SPICE, etc. Strong layout knowledge and parasitic component understanding.

The following areas of experience are helpful: BiCMOS/CMOS knowledge, High Voltage/High Current design, ESD, Sensor, Wafer fab and Process, Yield enhancement, Modelling, ESD, motor control, and RF design tools.


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