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BQ28Z610-R1: 请问过载(AOLD)时的电流是否会记录到最大负载电流(Max Load Current)中?

Part Number: BQ28Z610-R1
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AOLD设置为0XF4,RSNS=0,Rsense设计的是1mΩ(校准后CC Gain和Capacity Gain都是1.415mOhm),按照《BQ28Z610 Technical Reference》中的表《Table A-1》计算:

过载电流 = –27.76 mV / 1.415 mΩ = 19.6A,即当 Current() > 19.6A时才会触发Safety Status AOLD。

但是当触发Safety Status AOLD后,发现Max Load Current只有14A、15A

  • 您好,AOLD的值应该会记录在lifetime中。

  • 是指Lifetimes中的Max Discharge Current吗?Max Discharge Current和Max Load Current有什么区别?

  • 您好,正在查询,稍后回复。

  • 您好,请参考下面的内容:

    This depends on the accuracy of the sense resistor and any noise and how you measure the current. The gauge uses a comparator with programmable voltage thresholds. If you read the current from the gauge, make sure it's not an averaged current over several seconds (which is the default current measurement from the gauge). Also the gauge uses a 250ms integration period for coulomb counting whereas the AOLD circuit is a HW comparator without averaging.

    About MaxLoadCurrent: From the TRM: "This read-only function returns a signed integer value in units of mA, of maximum load conditions. The MaxLoadCurrent() is an adaptive measurement which is initially reported as the maximum load current programmed in initial Max Load Current register. If the measured current is ever greater than the initial Max Load Current then the MaxLoadCurrent() updates to the new current. MaxLoadCurrent() is reduced to the average of the previous value and initial Max Load Current whenever the battery is charged to full after a previous discharge to an SOC of less than 50%. This will prevent the reported value from maintaining an unusually high value"

    MaxDsgCurrent in Lifetimes is the maximum current the gauge ever measured.