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Linux/TMDSEVM572X: Igh Etherlab Master for AM572 PREEMPT_RT Linux

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硬件:  这个评估版。

软件:    用的是最新的这个preempt-rt的内核。

然后在x86 ubuntu主机下将交叉编译完的Igh Etherlab Master复制到板子上可以运行,但是有错误,扫描不到从站,这个错误在e2e上已经有人碰到过(,dmesg的输出一样,,且他自己解决了,但是我这边尝试了一下修改板子上的MAC地址,但是仍然没有解决,我不大清楚板子上的两个网口eth0跟eth1是不是所谓的PRU-ICSS,请问我需要对板子上的系统做哪些修改设置呢?有任何建议,非常感谢。


“  Here is my finding. If I configured the MAC address of PRU-Ether with the same one on PC, master on AM437x also could identify the ethercat slave. Through further experiments, if I configured the PRU-Ether's MAC with universally administered addresses (UAA) format, master could also identify slave. 

The reason might be PRU-Ether set its MAC with the LAA format and dropped the replied packet with the unchanged MAC.   ”