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LAUNCHXL-CC1310: SPI Master transfer

Part Number: LAUNCHXL-CC1310
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        目前我在使用CC1310的SPI   Master模式,需求是SPI MASTER模式下可以一次发送256个字节, 按照API中的例程,可以正常发送Hello World,但是将需要发送的数组赋值为100个字节运行后,发现只能打出前28个字节。


        Transfer Size Limit

       The UDMA controller only supports data transfers of up to 1024 data frames. A transfer with more than 1024 frames will be transmitted/received in multiple 1024 sized portions until all data has been transmitted/received. A data frame can be 4 to 16 bits in length.



Timeout can occur in SPI_MODE_BLOCKING, there's no timeout in SPI_MODE_CALLBACK. When in SPI_MODE_CALLBACK, the transfer must be cancelled by calling SPI_transferCancel().
If a timeout happens in either SPI_SLAVE or SPI_MASTER mode, the receive buffer will contain the bytes received up until the timeout occurred. The SPI transaction status will be set to SPI_TRANSFER_FAILED. The SPI transaction count will be set to the number of bytes sent/received before timeout. The remaining bytes will be flushed from the TX FIFO so that the subsequent transfer can be executed correctly. Note that specifying a timeout prevents the driver from performing a polling transfer when in slave mode.



void *mainThread(void *arg0)
    uint8_t x;
    SPI_Handle handle;
    SPI_Params params;
    SPI_Transaction transaction;
    uint8_t txBufdata[100];
    uint8_t rxBuf[11];
    params.bitRate     = 4000000;
    params.frameFormat = SPI_POL1_PHA1;
    params.mode        = SPI_MASTER;
    transaction.count = sizeof(txBufdata);
    transaction.txBuf = txBufdata;
    transaction.rxBuf = rxBuf;
    handle = SPI_open(Board_SPI_MASTER, &params);
        SPI_transfer(handle, &transaction);


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  • 您是说想发送 256 字节,但 tx 缓冲区是 100 字节?

    我测试了以下内容,发送 256 字节没有任何问题:

    #define THREADSTACKSIZE (2048)
    #define SPI_MSG_LENGTH  (256)
    unsigned char masterTxBuffer[SPI_MSG_LENGTH];
    void *masterThread(void *arg0)
        SPI_Handle      masterSpi;
        SPI_Params      spiParams;
        SPI_Transaction transaction;
        uint16_t        i;
        spiParams.frameFormat = SPI_POL0_PHA1;
        spiParams.bitRate = 4000000;
        masterSpi = SPI_open(Board_SPI_MASTER, &spiParams);
        for(i = 0; i <= 255; i++)
            masterTxBuffer[i] = i;
        transaction.count = SPI_MSG_LENGTH;
        transaction.txBuf = (void *) masterTxBuffer;
        transaction.rxBuf = NULL;
        SPI_transfer(masterSpi, &transaction);